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How to Get High Quality Traffic for Greater Conversion

Have you been waiting around for something to happen and realize it isn’t happening? Have you been watching your PR ranking and realized that it is too far too good, all you can do is wait longer and longer, and it will happen sooner than you though? Have you been checking your online marketing logs, which are diligently feeding you with statistics of traffic drops and constant confusion, and realize that something is missing? If you are anything like me, then you were probably expecting to get 500 visitors a day within 10 days, and then realize that it is impossible, it is probably a fault within the system.

What am I talking about?

I am talking about search engine optimization.

The buzzword has been around for a while now, and continues to be the most popular method for driving free traffic to your website, while simultaneously building your website’s online reputation and score in the search engines. It works like this; you create a network of links, or social signals, from other websites to your own, which create an online bump. Google works like a fax machine, sending out notes, or references, which outline who links to what, when they link to it, how much they are paying for it, and more!

I am going to spill the beans and say that this takes an investment of time and energy, which is the same amount of time and energy it takes to stay in a corporate job. (Okay, maybe not the Corporate world, but let’s face it, there is noCEO.)


The most popular method of building one-way links is by writing good content articles, or press releases, which are submitted to the various online article directories, with keywords hyperlinked to your site. In addition, you will find many “press release directories”, which are nothing more than huge lists of press releases that have been submitted over the period of time.

Paid Or Free Traffic

These packages are submitted to directories which are often paid or free, depending upon the site. It is imperative to do your research into these particular directories, as there are some top-notch directories that are included in the top categories of the directory submissions. patron websites which are relevant to your products or services and submitted to the correct category will get the notice they need, and an increase in traffic and links to their website. In addition, you will find many niche directories as well as many topic-specific directories available.

Building one-way links may be envisaged asHartя links, which are high quality links to your website from websites with related content. Don’t settle for reciprocal links, they have a lower value in the eyes of Google, and makes it harder for you to achieve high ranks. One-way links are the way to go to increase website traffic and hits. You want to obtain as many one-way links as possible to spread your buzz and buzz about like wildfire. Most search engines give credit to those websites that have a good amount of one-way links, and consider those websites to be more relevant and reliable than others.


How Do I Obtain One-Way Links?

This is the easy part. You can either ask for them from the other website, or you can work with a link broker. A broker is a professional who is competent enough to broker links from websites in your business niche to websites in their business niche. You can also work with a non-ammy, or even a paid professional to get links. It is your best option to get high quality links and increase your traffic with reputable websites.

There are several ways to obtain one-way links from a variety of websites. The most popular nowadays are:

1. From Your Own Websites

2. From Article Directories

3. From Web Directories

4. From LinkedIn

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