understanding Google

Understanding Google – Search Engine Optimization Explained

Understanding Google

You might see Google at the top of the search engines, and when it comes to online marketing, it’s still the big fish in the pond. Yes, big players like Google can dominate the search engine space. For this reason, you need to put time into understanding Google if you want to dominate SEO for your business.

understanding Google

On-Page SEO

In the process of understanding Google, you should understand that on-page SEO includes the general matter of on-page optimization, which includes such things as keyword research and a site’s architecture. The advantage of having an on-page lead generation page is that it’s something you can implement right away – meaning that with every new page or post, you’ll be able to implement whatever else is required without too much delay.

The disadvantage of an on-page lead generation page is that there’s no override to force you to stop if you’re not happy with your Website’s landing pages. It’s also not always a suitable solution if you have ongoing SEO or lead generation campaigns going on – as it takes up a little extra room on your existing marketing budget.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is another step in understanding Google and is the process of deciding which keywords to target in your SEO campaign. In understanding Google, you may have difficulty as this is twofold: you need to know which keywords to target (in order to generate the right traffic numbers) and you need to make sure that the keywords you choose are relevant to your market, and potential customers. One good way of doing keyword research is by understanding Google AdWords. Consulting with an SEO specialist will help you skip the headache and get the results.

understanding Google

Understanding Google SEO

Having a Manager for SEO is never a bad idea. Nothing helps your on-page SEO like a strong SEO strategy. Although understanding Google is quite complex and not a quick and easy task to master. Therefore, it’s often a good idea to simplify the process and find a professional who is already a master at understanding Google. This can greatly improve the SEO of your site.

Link Building – Understanding Google

The ability to generate high-quality links to your website is the number one off-page SEO technique that will have you wow others simply by marrying high PR sites. Some suggestions for quality link building and understanding Google would be to find 10 related websites with a page rank of 5 or more and email the webmasters with an offer set before you. In the subject line, include the phrase “Free PR Link Building”.

Online marketing and Google


To be honest, PR link building still isn’t dead. It is still viable and necessary to rank your websites in search engines. However, you need to do it the right way. We would suggest you get some 1-way links pointing back to your website. The best way would be to trade links with websites similar to yours and avoid doorway-type pages. Make sure you keep these factors in mind when performing SEO for your website. If you are good at understanding Google and do your SEO the right way, and it ranks in the search engines, you will benefit from increased traffic, which should result in increased business.

Understanding Google Efficiently

There are many tips and tricks on understanding Google and improving Google rankings. Although simple to us, many see it as a chore. For this reason, give us a call today and start improving your business ranking and begin getting a higher frequency of new and repeat customers.

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