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Search Engine Marketing – Qualities of a Ideal Offer

What makes search engine marketing huge? Easy, you just have to put it out there and someone, somewhere will find it. And right now, broadcast your offer in uncountable ways.

Here are 3 positive qualities of a perfect offer/website, for the search engines.

1. Uniqueness – Your offer is your little pot of gold, this is your secret sauce. Have something that is different or original to you, that’s your golden ticket. Put your own unique twist on whatever niche you decide to market with.

There are thousands of affiliates on the web, all of various sizes and shapes and how do you get yours to be considered unique or original enough to grab the user’s attention?

Search Engine Marketing is a form copywriting, find out what’s important to you and what you are aiming for – don’t try to compete with others! What will be important is that you find out what needs and desires are relevant to your offer what will make them buy from you and not a competitor’s site using the same product?

working on search engine marketing

Obviously, your job here is to sell them on your offer, make sure it builds that excitement just like when you’d buy in its face, hold their attention, make them curious and make them make the decision to take a chance with you or carry on browsing through your low paying affiliate link, right?

2. Relevant content – If you say you offer one item for sale “Affiliates will sell it for $mistakes, just turn on your computer and lock the doors,” what, does that make the offer relevant? Because if you pick an offer that deals with Adsense or gambling or weight loss or much worse, porn – your visitors will think you’re irrelevant – right?

Who wants to keep coming back for good quality content, be it a lot of content (a weight loss product must be good, right?) or information (how to cook, learn to drive, encourage love, cut the fat) or articles (how to fix something, prevent your child from wetting their pants, what to teach your child about who is good for nothing).

All of these things that are relevant will help to ensure that your visitors continue to come back for more, because let’s face it, well, you have a website, right? To make a living off of providing good quality content, you’d better be doing something good!

3. adaptable content – If you collect a list of newsletters for your offers, don’t you think that you could adapt those articles into blog posts? Or put them in an autoresponder, as blog posts are what give you the best conversions – yet it won’t happen if the content is just sales letter with no substance.

Are the first two considerations a waste of time?

That remains the third why blog posts are the deciding factors between failure and success – they are original, relevant, WOW – you get so caught up in modifications on having good quality content, you forget to add value to your offer (or paste it somewhere else if you can’t find the original!). It’s a perennial problem, lots of sites will have the property of content that is generic, useless, picture and no real purpose.

But what about the third component to search engine marketing:

Most other content will almost certainly be showing a “traditional” sales letter style (think about it, do you sometimes just sit there for weeks at a time, still reading adverts for different income streams? I do!

working on search engine marketing

In the ads, how long is it before the reader gets to the point where they are actually able to find something they are looking for? Firstly, I come to an image of you – a ‘guru’ of something. That’s you.

I know I’ve done it one time and it was a bad choice. I decided to do something else and opened up a new email. I didn’t have an advert to fully understand the concept. In fact, it turned out this really was an email offering me some basic information on how to get more leads to the job?

But the point is, does it matter what approach you use to attract customers, even if you are well listed in the search engines, it is still the message you deliver that is met with the most success – but not all of what a ‘guru’ claims. So you could very easily have an idea for some fundamental, hugely relevant and generic information for someone else, but it will just end up in the scrapheap somewhere.

If you’ve got an ever changing offering, it’s a good idea to keep it fresh. See how it is on a blog, then copy it to put you out on the web. But don’t forget how you will market your offering, it’s just like constant potters that you will remain.

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