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Oldie But Goodie – How to Earn Money by Social Bookmarking

This is a modern feat that has yet to be top-down. This is not about collecting money in pay per click, this is just a way to earn money by social bookmarking sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, plaster hills, Cache, other social bookmark sites.

Let’s step back to the dawn of the Internet. There were very few places where a person could share his data and find new adventures, glittery marvels and entrance to probably more great sources. There was no stumblers. There was no Geocities, My Space, Friendster, MyWeb, and no other social driven sites that were made for the sole purpose of sharing bookmarks with members and making new friends. This was the golden age of social bookmarking with the Internet.

Earn money by social bookmarking

Fast forward to now. Now, social bookmarking has rocketed to the top player in the scene. For those who have not heard the term, social bookmarking is when people share high quality, public websites they found or discovered online, incorporates keywords that are self-descriptive and informational, and speeds up the message spread. This is the new era of the net into the mind of Internet users. Who says, the Internet goes online without flaws. So, you can explore the online community in a new way through social bookmarking. is the pioneer social bookmarking site that anyone can join. This site allows members to tag websites that they have discovered, added to the social bookmark sites, and put back in the community. By getting other members to follow the site to it, you can direct people to related search results of interest and of bookmarking with the bookmarks according to popularity. If the bookmark is found by 10,000 people, it would be displayed on the home page of the StumbleUpon website. It would include tag saying “Stumble on GDP programming reform. Check out for great programming resources!” So, if your bookmark has high visibility, it will be a hot topic of discussion. Every bookmark, tags, the other forums and users will link to the bookmark thus bringing traffic. This is the aim of social bookmarking.

Earn money by social bookmarking is the new leader in the social bookmarking field. Squidoo is a foundation for social bookmarking. Again, you have a chance to choose the best and most-read sites of interest and tag them with Tags. Don’t embrace “Stumble” like it is the whole Internet. Squidoo should be called “Feed Me”, the ultimate Web 2.0 jewel for anyone who wants to be noticeable online. The action of bookmarking is still moved by users. Squidoo is another example of the “WordPress” of social bookmarking. If you want to remain within the fold of “The Web”, you have to have a site specifically of interest, gathering information and creating an established online community, and get web-power users to stumble upon your site. Squidoo is a multiplicity of information you can accomplish within a tight room. One of the fastest ways to establish a site is to set up a site with quality content, get your own members, and bookmark all the content you find on the web.

The people who will build your web websites, and establish your online community, and pull the traffic to your site all have great stories and keywords. Those folks will present the topic of interest to day-to-day Internet users. Now, ask yourself if you just want to follow a set pattern of how to generate money at the push of a button by following a source that says internet link. Remember there are a number of Internet sources out there, a few have obvious integrity and controls over usage, but most have fallen prey to the lure of the riches-at-the-push-of-a-button-manicas. But, that is all said, well read and considered and there are integrity built into the systems. There will be many types of sites out there, but there will be sites that will help you get from point A to Z, and come with a proven track record. Imagine the joy of that “follow the pattern of a successful site“.

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